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About Me I am a dental hygienist who tries to love lots, live well and help others
Are You Excited for This Year's Super Bowl?
553 days ago

Hey Ellen! My husband and i are such 49er faithfuls that we are already set to go to the big game! I'm taking my husband for his early 40th bday. When he had just turned 30 he was diagnosed with a rare very aggressive cancer that he was NOT expected to beat. BUT here we are 10 years later and living life to he fullest, flying by the seat of our pants and never having regrets. You have had a big part in our journey. You are so uplifting and positive. THANK YOU! Now....I know you we're there when your saints were in it, but I have a teeny weeny feeling you'll be there 2/3 since its in your hometown. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE you and all things Ellen and thought that just maybe you could come say "whats up" or do a little dance down our aisle or something. That would totally complete our trip! It would mean the world to us. U are on our bucket list so don't worry...if u can't make it up to section 649 row 10, seats 10-11 (wink-wink) we shall make it to your show soon enough! (Hopefully) I know you are a busy lady. Go niners!!!