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friend taster
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Hobbies Hating every one combined with depression! Must be cause i'm over 50yrs old!
About Me TIRED!
friend taster
Bethenny Frankel, Martin Short
406 days ago

I need money! pay off almost foreclosed mortgage, need new car since truck is 13years old and new job doing commercial's or over weight model for tired ass 55 year old. Or I will lose 50lbs if you give me 1000 per lb. heeheehee.. wendy said "say it how you mean it!" Oh here is more options;
I can sell you my sports widow doll patent that has 60 more days, before it expires, the us government said my time is up! You can own it for $140,000.00 dollars and 2% royalty on all sales...I can pay off my house prior to foreclosure in 60 days...see I'm not lazy just tired as hell!! You do have the best show ever..ok since Oprah is gone!:-)