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Natalia Harvey
Justin Bieber
396 days ago

Hi Ellen. Before I go on ranting about how I love Justin etc I must say that you have a wonderful show filled with humor, inspiration and positive messages. My family actually loves it (siblings, parents, grand-peeps, everyone!).Keep up the good work!!
Ok next, I really love Justin as he has been one of my two inspirations (MJ the other) and would like an opportunity to meet him but I don't live in the US. Can you see my prob? Neither do I live in any of the Countries he will be touring in. I'm an 18 year old from Jamaica (home of reggae, Bob Marley, Usain Bolt etc) and the closest Justin will come is to Puerto Rico where he will be having a show on my birthday. I've always tweeted him suggesting that he come to Jamaica for a vacation (Imagine white sandy beaches, sunshine, exotic dishes and Reggae)and to visit me of course(lol). Who wouldn't love that?
My chances of meeting him are pretty much non existent but if nothing else, he has taught me to never say never and to believe in my dreams and so I will continue to believe that one day I will meet him regardless of the odds being against me.
Meeting him would be a blessing and an honor. Is there any way you could help me? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank You.