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Naomi Osansu
Name Naomi Osansu
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Hobbies Singing, Writing, making music, playing basketball, etc
About Me I go to CMIT Academy and have a lot of friends their but I wouldn't say I'm popular person nor a geek. I'm very down-to-earth and sarcastic to my friends, I guess because it fits the whole tomboy image to because I always have my hair in a pony tail play sports with the guys, have a unique sense of style; (mixing random colors with my clothes)you wouldn't see me in a dress!But I get made fun of a lot because of my sense of style or because of my hair since it's short but at those really difficult times, I listen to Beyonce's music because it inspires me to get back up and ignore those people and the thing about her is that her music can cover about any criteria in a person's life so it really helps.
Naomi Osansu
283 days ago

I love you Beyonce, you mean the world to me. I just feel like we're destined to meet because in 2006, (when I was five) I couldn't go to sleep so I went downstairs to tell my Mom and apparently she was watching Dream Girls and it was at the part when Beyonce was singer her hit single Listen; so my face was literally all up on the tv and for some weird reason I knew it was Beyonce cause I went "Mommy is that Beyonce?" so to get to the point, ever since that day I knew I was destined to become a great singer and to meet Beyonce and I know that you can make that happen Ellen because you always make people's dreams come true and that's why I loe you :)