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Nancy Todd
Name Nancy Todd
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Hobbies Gardening, people, grandchildren, flea market, garage sales, remodeling things.
About Me I am almost 61 and have 6 grandkids ranging in age from 17 yrs. to 8 yrs. I have lived in Alaska and Germany being a military family years ago. I own and operate a small cafe in Cambridge City, INiana. We love our people there and serve good food. I am a cancer surviver! and have had like 8 major back surgeries, but keep going. (In pain a lot) Thats seems like enough.
Nancy Todd
Cousins on Call Renovation Revealed!
431 days ago

Hey Ellen, HELP My husband and I bought a house in a sherrifs sale and boy do we need your "Cousins" help.
We own a small cafe' in Cambridge City, Indiana and we are really busy with spring here. We are 60 miles east of Indianapolis and we do get people at our cafe' even from there. Our town is small and full of antique shoppes.
We love our town.
Anyway, we are going to move into this house when we get things finished. but we are and have been working on it for a year and doing all the behind the scene stuff. Now we have no time to complete the rest, like flooring, carpet, cabinets, and all the finishing touches needed.
My husband works sooo hard and has and can do anything. He is the main prep cook and can build you a huge, tender tenderloin from total scatch. It will melt in your mouth. We both have had back surgery and I am in not so good shape to help him. I have been through 7 back surgeries and am full of rods, like sixteen. I have neuropothy and can't do to much. I will not give up though and learn to suffer through a lot. I also in 2012 had a masectomy due to breast cancer and have had some of my lymph nodes removed from my arm pit. NOT FUN. Anyway, we need some help if you are willing to send your cousins to help us finish. Won't take too long, we even will feed them at our cafe'!!! Would love to see you guys. My husband is 62 years old and is feeling it. So am I at 61. Give us a call. We will answer. Love ya girl. Nancy