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Nancy Strout
Name Nancy Strout
Location Whittier, California
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About Me Originally from Huntington Beach, Ca. Moved to Eugene, Or to be near my only Grand child 4 year old Loreli. Have watched all of your TV shows followed you and your "ELLEN" is a bright spot in my day..5 days a week! I went to a taping of your TV sitcom years ago in LA with a friend..during the break you came out met some of the people in the audience. Then there was a drawing where some funny/nice prizes were given friend got a toaster... and you signed it..I got your book "Ellen"..and there wasn't any time left for you to sign it..I would love for you to sign there a way I could send it to you? And you could sign it..I'll pay for the postage..!!! Until then..I will be watching your show every day! Hugs..Nancy Strout (ps...Love the energy you have..and relate to you being out!)!