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Nancy Smith
Name Nancy Smith
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Hobbies Quilting, Sewing, Gardening, cooking and canning - love making desserts.
About Me I live in the wonderful little city of Grants Pass, Oregon and love it here. I retired from my great job in 2002 and totally enjoy my free time. Life is good.
Nancy Smith
Jake Gyllenhaal's Hand Injury
235 days ago

Hi Ellen,
I guess I am a New Reader although I used my laptop late last night to do what I am doing now but did not get a confirmation email or password or whatever is needed to see what the heck I am doing. I am 76 years old and am still wrestling with my computer (I think it is winning) as I really am a little (lot) computer illiterate - so much that my new 5 month old Great Granddaughter now probably could outdo my efforts effortlessly. I love your show, have to record it in the afternoons here in Oregon and watch it later at night (usually after Hubby goes to bed) cause that is my "Me" time which everyone really needs. Thank you for all the laughs and wonderful things you always do for everyone and for being such a sweet, compassionate and really fun lady. You are loved by so many. Hope your Christmas is most excellent.
Nancy Smith