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nancy scheibel
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Hobbies I watch a lot of T.V., in fact that's where I meet you and made a instint connection to you ten years ago. Some other things I consider as my hobbies are: crafts, animals(resque work), talking to kids, plants,playing games,You Tube, listening to music,
About Me I grew up in Seattle Washington with my younger brother, my parents, our cat, Cutie, Jashua, the dog, (my first rescue). I've had lots of jobs. For the longest time I considered myself a failure, until I was diagnosed ADHD and chronic depression. With that knowlege flying around in my head I learned as much as I could, and from as many different sources as I could find. Suddenly through all the bad feelings I had about myself, I saw a different light. I began to use my brain disorders to my advantage. Then I got my perfect job as para-educator at an elementary school on the play round yeah! I was also working on Sundays as a Vet-Tech at an emergency animal clinic. Great material kept coming in for my comedy act. My stage-being my own little world. Life was fun for once---then it happened---sciatica. It took me out of the game, both physically and mentally. After two years of medical leave I was forced to quit my job. It just broke my heart! I really couldn't do any of the things I used to do. I would think because of my quality of life if I was a cat you would put me to sleep! Four more years of that, I choose back surgery. That landed me in a nursing home for 10 months. Now listen up everybody, the trick to surviving a nursing home is to make friends. And I did, and then I didn't want to go home. But I did. And I'm grateful to everyone who took care 0f my kitties.
nancy scheibel
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507 days ago

Hey Ellen,

I Voted for you. Have a Super Sparkly Day.

nancy scheibel
Message from Ellen
513 days ago

Dear Ellen,
This is Nancy and Mysheiko again! I keep touching something wrong on my keyboard and there goes my note to you. I have the medical training and knowledge to keep my 5 cat animal family safe and healthy, along with some awesome angels. Like many people, I have trouble paying all my bills but this time I need to ask for a little help. Mysheiko has developed hyperthyroidism. With meds and a little bit higher quality food, she will be my little bedbug for several more years.You have touched my life in many ways.Have a Super Sparkly Day.