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Nancy M.Berry
Name Nancy M.Berry
Location Lancaster, CA
Age 55
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Hobbies serving the lord
About Me I am a simple person who wants to serve the lord and to someday go to Africa to help those men,woman and children and to meet the child I supported when i had income.
Nancy M.Berry
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424 days ago

Ellen you r such a giving person and what you r doing for Oaklahoma is amazing.My church Lancaster Baptist of Lancaster California has also took a collection to help the people of Oaklahoma and it is a blessing to all of those who r stepping up and helping!God Bless You all!If I was to win the 20,000 I would absolutely donate to the hungry and the homeless.We should have no hungry or homeless people anywhere,It just isnt right!I want to help them all but finalacially cannot and all i can do is pray! Amen

Nancy M.Berry
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435 days ago

I have a great Tuesday Joke of The day for you!Here goes!
"A Teacher of a elementery class asked her students "What do you think Jesus's first word was after he came out of his tomb??? And one little boy said="TADAHHH" LOL I thought this was hilarious and very touching.Hope you liked it!

Nancy M.Berry
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456 days ago

Hey Ellen You r an amazing woman and look forward to watching you everyday!Sophia Grace and Rosie are adorable.Someday I am going to go to Australia too and to South Africa to help those people over there.Plus I sponsor a child there "Polash" and am dying to meet him and his family.
Him and his family are in Bangledash.You r a saint my dear it is such a blessing and a tear jerker when I watch you give to those in need!If all celebirty's did that I dont think ther'd be any poverty!
God Bless You Ellen And thank-You for being the wonderful and giving person that you r.Amen
Nancy M.Berry

Nancy M.Berry
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508 days ago

I seen that Ellen wants to know why I need a new car!?Well last year I started going husband walked out on me,I was in Arizona at the time.I had to sell what I could to make enough money to move to Sacramento where my sister lives so I would have a place to live cause my husband left me with 0-no car .I went to get glasses and they found a Brain tumor the size of a golfball growing on my optic nerve.So I had that removed in July of 2012 and am still recovering from that but am doing very well.So I now have no income and have been waiting 2 years for disability to be approved so I could have a income.So I have had no means of income for the last year and just 3 days ago got approved for General Relief Which is food stamps and a small amount of cash.But I desperately could use a car so I could get back and forth to my church to help serve the lord and be able to help others when needed.I do go on Sundays and Wednesdays when I have a ride.But I would be so very "GRATEFUL" to have a car.GOD BLESS YOU ELLEN!!!and your always in my prayers! Nancy Berry & Scooby Doo 2 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!