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Nancy Lee Garrett
Name Nancy Lee Garrett
Location Glen Burnie, MD
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Hobbies baking, cooking, for my granddaughters, and spending time with them. walking,
About Me I am the grandma to the best granddaughters in the world. I love you Ellen; do you know how wonderful you are God Bless you and Portia
Nancy Lee Garrett
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197 days ago

Dear Ellen THIS IS A MUST READ!!!!
My name is Nancy Lee Garrett, I am a political activist.I have discovered several very disturbing reports about Dr Stanislaw Burzynski who is curing cancer. Most of his patients are children with brain cancer. Please see this unbelievable story of Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski who noninvasively cures cancer; including brain cancer which is one of the most difficult to cure. All the while the FDA and Pharmaceutical companies discredits him and his discovery; and launches a relentless vendetta and unprecedented campaign of persecution and destruction of his research and successful practice of curing cancer. I am writing to you in hopes that you can help me by using your POWER to help expose the FDA and Pharma companies who are the perpetrators of this plot to destroy Dr Burzynski's reputation and discovery. There are so many children that can be cured, who are not able to handle the conventional methods chemotherapy and radiation. This is all about money, don't believe anyone who tells you that Dr. Burzynski is a quack. Find out the truth yourself by investigating what I say is true. Please click on the link below I included in this letter.

PS I dvr your show everyday. So I can watch your show anytime I want. I like to watch your show with my granddaughter Mariah, when she comes to visit me, she also loves your show. I make her laugh when I dance with you and the audience. You have a healing affect on me when I watch you. DO YOU KNOW HOW WONDERFUL YOU ARE! I LOVE YOU! Also, when I watch you and Portia together you both literally glow with love. I am so happy that you found each other.

Nancy Lee Garrett
Portia's Birthday Gift for Ellen!
209 days ago

Hello Ellen
I viewed some lovely pictures of you and Portia. You two make a beautiful couple. You can tell you are in love, both of you are absolutely glowing with love. Do you know how wonderful you are? You have helped so many people; you are an angel,and you can bet God is witnessing all your good deeds; you will be rewarded 1000 fold for all you have done.
Nancy Lee Garrett