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Nancy Lea
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Hobbies Volunteering at No-Kill Animal Shelters..and other things old people do, read, eat, sleep.
About Me I am a 59 y/o retired nurse. I help local no-kill animal shelters trap feral cats to be spayed, neutered and set free. I am hoping to be selected to help with the program I am adding info about. It means so much to me. Would love to be on your show..I adore you. The Hillsborough County Commissioners have given the OK for the Animal Services department to go ahead with their trap-neuter-release (or TNR) program for feral cats.The Animal Services department will start the two-year pilot program. Up to 2,000 feral cats will be captured per year. They'll be vaccinated, neutered and released back into approximately their original area.The idea is to reduce the number of feral cat euthanizations and still keep the number of feral kittens down. The county commissioners approved the measure with one opposing vote.County Commissioner Victor Crist thought the program didn't do enough for other wildlife."I will be leading the cause for the squirrels and the birds and the other indigenous animals who will lose their lives as a result of this decision," he said.County Commissioner Sandra Murman said it was the most humane and cost-efficient option. "I fully support it, I think it's the way to go," she said."It's practical, it's common sense -- it really is. This is about actually helping cats have healthier lives." The rest or my life is pretty comparison
Nancy Lea
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449 days ago

Loved when you dressed up as Madonna..never laughed so hard!

Nancy Lea
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450 days ago

I would love to be chosen..but I love more the fact that you and Portia are animal lovers. Cats are my favorite..I help to trap feral cats for spaying and neutering and try to find a safe place to turn them awesome project. Many shelters need loving volunteers..Love you..Love your show!