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Nancy J Fox
Name Nancy J Fox
Location Santa Rosa, CA
Age 66
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Hobbies dancing, reading, Qigong, drawing, gardening, playing with my dogs and making cookies with my Grandchildren :)
Nancy J Fox
Did You Like Matthew Perry's 'Peach' Joke?
458 days ago

Great to see Matthew Perry on your show Ellen~ I do not get to see many movies but I watched Friends for the 10yr run and we have the full set. We continue to watch it particularly these days as it was and IS so funny & touching.
Matthew ~ I was going to put funny and stupid for the 'Peach Head' and Puppet's jokes but i just put funny as it was so creatively different !! Most jokes are funny Because they Are stupid~ it's because they blindside us, lift the heart & laughter is the result. Thankyou so much~ sending Love to you both, Nancy