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Hobbies Taking Photos crafting reading Watching Ellen everyday :)
About Me A freespirit , disabled but still trying , Can't log-in to my old acct so starting over Loved the start to your 10 season .
Message from Ellen
195 days ago

He110 E11en, loved today,s show Drew and u had me in laughing .
Love to all in 2014 . Ps my Dean is going to be 61 year,s young on Sunday . U are next happy early birthday :) still missing my home state Cal .

Message from Ellen
212 days ago

You the bomb , love your show have a safe new year , me I,ll be tucked in bed at 10 .
I do wish you could help my family .
It was one week today my brother passed away. She is the rock keeping the family together.
My niece,s watched him for 4 year,s with no pay they did not have a lot for the holidays .
Well I have told your staff my story . Blessing in 2014 nancy

Alyson Hannigan, Sophia Grace & Rosie
573 days ago

Happy new year to all a better 2013

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664 days ago

Love to win a car, we are heading into winter, our car heater does not work, and stop's running .Living in Utah it is important for me to be able to get to my Appt's, and the Van is very hard for me to get in, living with a disabilty I try to stay active but it's not easy . I have to stay home alot more than I would like I have not been to visit my family in well 1997 . I do enjoy all your guest I learn more compassion for the courage and strength.
we need more people who give back to other's I do a small part Sponsoring a child in another country, and giving to my local shelter. I by no mean's could afford a car on my Disability check . Thank you for all you do I love Shutterfly they are fun to make thing's with trying to save to do my X-mas cards . Loads of laugher being sent to all Your fan Nancy.I lost my old Acct so starting again .