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Nancy Deslauriers
Name Nancy Deslauriers
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Hobbies Walk my Dog. Crafts. Volunteer Cook.
About Me I work Full Time, and unfortunately cannot watch the Ellen Show everyday.I am a Municipal Employee. People love coming to the office to pay their Taxes. Not Really.I could tell you stories you could use on the show. Looking to take a trip and, Would love to come out to the show the end of the year to celebrate my 60th.Birthday.I have been Divorced for 12 yrs. YES, Really! Online Dating does not work.I have a great Dog that keeps me company. Always happy to see me, never complains about what I feed him, and never ask where I've been when I come home. You should have a dating game like the one I grew up watching. Saw it on the Steve Harvey show. He is a riot. Hope you had a nice Birthday. Life is Good.
Nancy Deslauriers
The Ellie Show?
183 days ago

Kudos to Ellie! You made the right choice Ellen. She's great!
Now you know you don't have to worry about being sick again.LOL