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Nancy Clemens
Name Nancy Clemens
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Hobbies Crocheting, gardening, jewelry making, all kinds of crafting.
About Me I'm a total dreamer, love doing things for others and hopefully put a smile on their hearts. I have 2 incredible kids that are the pride of my life, they are so interesting and beautiful in every way. I'm a creative person, I wish there was a job for ideas because I have a head full of them!
Nancy Clemens
Sophia Grace & Rosie, Hayden Panettiere
427 days ago

Can you post the country song or country wrongs from today's episode (5/21)
with Hayden Panettiere? They were so funny. Love the show, at 3 PM my world stops to watch Ellen. Been following her since her sitcom so many moons ago. I knew one day she would be bigger than ever!