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Nancy Allor
Name Nancy Allor
Location fort Worth, texas
Age 56
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Hobbies Gardening and playing with my dogs. Writing poetry.
About Me Single mom, I raised 4 children. Had it hard, as most single mom's do. I think the worst is not missing child support, it is missing the presence of the dad in their kids like. My ex of 21 years lived about 20 minutes from us. Never saw our last two children more then 3-4 times after our divorce in 96. It really sucked for the kids. I grew up without a dad too, but mine lived 1500 miles away, so there were no expectations. Watching the damage to my last two who are now 22 and 23 was heart breaking. So now, I live with my 23 year old daughter, well we live together. We struggle but we are thankful for each other. We hope to someday to buy a small house out in a small town, she thinks she wants to live with me forever. lol. I am hoping someday when she see's I will be ok, she won't worry and will get out on her own. I love her to pieces but want her to have her own life. I did the caring for parents and I don't want to do that to her. I have some medical issues and I think those keep her around too. In March I am hoping to have the Gastric Sleeve, which will help with, hip problems, back, diabetes, blood pressure and blah blah blah. How my life will be so different, when I have that. Of course I am praying it will, you know we always think the grass is greener on the other side. I hope someday I will have the confidence to look for love. Been on my own for 13 years, got ruined in my second marriage with both verbal and physical abuse so I gave up on marriage. But I am hoping the desire will come back. For now I will take loving me, and the person I will be. Learning to be confident and finding out my purpose in life. I know that will come when I get confident and secure financially. I have moved every 6 mos to 2 years all my life. I want something that is mine where I can stay a while and I am only 55 so there is time. I love your show, you have to know what a gift it is to be such and inspiration to so many, getting us through, bad day sad days and even our good days. I love you and love seeing you touch so many and that you truly found your soul mate, it gives us all hope. (((hugs)))
Nancy Allor
Win All the Prizes from Day 5 of 12 Days!
221 days ago

I would love to win the JC Penny gift cards. It would allow me to shop for my children and grandchildren. I would try to sneak in a washing machine. I am so not able to keep going to the laundry mat. Please pick me. Merry Christmas!

Nancy Allor
Win All the Prizes from Day 7 of 12 Days!
221 days ago

I would love to win prizes from any of the shows. I would love to win mostly to have presents for others. Times are hard this year, I hate going to the family Christmas party empty handed. They would all understand but I would just feel embarrassed and would rather miss.

Nancy Allor
Message from Ellen
227 days ago

Hi Ellen, First I would like to say I hope you receive as much joy this Holiday season as you share with others. I love you and Porcia's Christmas card. I haven't gotten mine in the mail and I really want one. You can look my address up in your file. Are we suppose to tell you a sad story here to try to get picked? I have some, but I am sure you have heard so many. So instead I will hand you this apple, sit in the front of the class, raise my hand and say "PICK ME " in my Dolly Parton Voice. I only picked her because I have her boos-oms too. lol. Merry Christmas to everyone at the Ellen Show.(((((hugs))))