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About Me local high school. After a few months I was hired in the main office and LOVED that job working with the students and dedicated staff. I health was becoming worse after about 5 years and after a number of surgeries, needed to leave that wonderful position. So here I am. We are struggling but making it as best we can. But the best part is looking forward to watching Ellen each afternoon when not at appointments. You bring laughter and joy to my heart! You funny, funny lady!
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515 days ago

Hi Ellen, I LOVE your latest quote. We have no right to judge anyone, including my wonderful, hardworking and very funny gay son. He has gone through some very difficult years but is back in school while working as a counselor and helping so many others. But good Lord, Ellen, if we judged him by his car he would be an old, used, broken down, rusted out, unreliable wreck! Gotta love that guy! And love you too, Ellen, for all the joy and laughter you bring to our home each day!