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Name Nancy
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Hobbies TV Ellen show- love to laugh, and I love dogs
Melissa McCarthy on Her Elle Cover
211 days ago

"Jacketgate" how funny! Looked like a rain coat! Which repels water... Sure hope her jacket doesn't start anything as big as "watergate"!!, love your show Ellen! And today! Melissa Mc Carthy...Sofia Grace and Rosie!show. Ha ha that was a typo but when those girls are on they do tend to take over the show,don't they? Too funny :). :) Can't get any better. Well except! Your monologue..BHA ha
Sorry, I have one hand. I Don't know how to copy paste.... New at this stuff!

Ellen's New Product: The Eye Patch
225 days ago

Ellen! how ARRrrrrrr ya? Get it! All kidding a side. If you put a hot tea bag ( as hot as you can take it!) put it in boiling water, let it steep, as long as you would to make a cup of tea. Then squeeze all the water out, as you would for a cup of tea, and put the HOT tea bag right on the eye.3 times a day.Drink the tea, and you'll be rid of that patch before you know it. Play that country song, baby!! You get rid of the sty! Rid of the tea! Rid of the patch! In a country song? You get rid of your wife! The house! Even the dog.... Hope you feel better, you would look good in a potato sack, like Lucy and Ethel ha ha thanks for making me laugh!! Love nancy Matuszewski

Win All the Day 1 Prizes from 12 Days!
230 days ago

Ellen! please help me thank my sister for giving up her life to take care of mine. She is the angel god put on earth. She never complains! She has problems of her own and her husbands sick. It seems no matter what she keeps the house going and our spiritsTo! I wrote you but she does so much. We moved to fl. In 2004. And we have never seen anything but Drs. Offices. Now, we all seem to be a little healthier, struggling threw a lot of hospital bills. If you could help me? Thank her. I don't work because of my disability, her husband for his. And even my sister has limitations but she makes us smile if you help me make her smile? I would smile :) forever, and in your debt, love, me~ Nancy