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179 days ago

OMG Ellen I laughed sooooooooo hard until I cried. Andy is such a wuss, lol..hiding behind Amy.....Protecting her...hahaha..STOP IT JUST STOP IT...haha..thanks for the many laughes Ellen.. :)

The Season 11 Premiere!
226 days ago

Welcome back Ellen.!!..WOW..season 11 !!!..whew..time flys when you are having FUN :)..Luv the show, but hey, where is my 50" TV :(

Kate Hudson, Little Big Town and Sophia Grace & Rosie's Tea Time with Katy Perry! 
311 days ago

I totally agree!!!..tooooooo much already...does Ellen pay for their air fare? or do they live here now thanks to Ellen... they are being over exposed..tea time..really..its just the same old thing with them..Rosie is the cutest, too bad she is so quiet :(

Wanda Sykes, Dave Franco
332 days ago

Yeah I totally agree with you on Rosie & Grace..does Ellen pay for their air trip too? seems like they are here alot, unless they moved to the states. I dont enjoy them as much as before..OVERKILL

Chelsea Handler, Sophia Grace & Rosie
431 days ago

Sophia & Grace are such cuties..wonders if they live in the states now, seems like they are here alot!, does Ellen pay for them to come here? what about school? I wish Grace would talk

Find Out How You Can Win 12 Days Prizes!
490 days ago

can you say C A N D Y C A N E...thanks for making me smile everyday :)

Win Justin Bieber Tickets
494 days ago

Oooooooooooooh Ellen I would LUV to take my great niece to see Justin. She is 9 and LOVES he came to chicago the tickets were really too expensive and I couldnt afford to take her so I would love to be able to fulfill her dream. She would be Over the Moon! lol thanks Ellen for making us smile everyday, and the joy you bring to everyone and our pets is overwhelming!!.. Bless You ! :)