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Nan Neag Niegoe
Name Nan Neag Niegoe
Location Surakarta, Indonesia
Age 38
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Hobbies reading, traveling, photography and listening to music
About Me simple person and want to make it all better
Nan Neag Niegoe
Memorial Day with Ellen!
425 days ago

Dear Ellen & Portia
Let me introduce myself, my Nan from Indonesia. I really admire you Ellen. you are funny, good-natured. I can see it from your eyes. I really like your event to Jalen Testerman. I know that you are really sincere when you hug Jalen, unlike your other guest star, visible from the way you hug Jalen. I would like once again you bring your wife, Portia De Generes. best wishes from Indonesia and prayer that you two always get along in the shadow of the light of God and His Messenger.
I hope you are both able to visit Indonesia and enjoy the beauty of my country.