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I was not happy with seeing a married woman kissing a male that was not her husband on the show today. I was married for 35 years and my spouse died earlier this year. Ladies I would like to share a nugget of counsel and maintaining your self respect and respect for your mate in and out of his presence. I was watching a daytime talk show today and you were raising money for Breast Cancer which I thought was cool. Ellen auctioned off a prize of racy kissing with Shemar Moore, which was won by female audience member. This kiss was neither a kiss on the cheek nor a friendly kiss, but a lip to lip kiss that lasted for approximately 30 seconds(it appeared) received 3 x back to back. The actor Shemar asked the woman if she married and she said yes. He then asked if her husband was here with her or in the building and she said no. Shemar then begin kissing the woman passionately 3 different kisses for approx 30 seconds(or what appeared to be 30 seconds) each with the audience cheering them on. Ladies no movie star or anyone is worth your self respect of kissing another person when you are married. The only person you should be kissing on the lips passionately as they did is your mate. Don’t disrespect yourself or your spouse for the sake of a movie star. Marriage is a commitment and vow to you took with your spouse and that should be honored as such. I am not saying men don’t do the same; I am speaking on what I observed today. I am just having my say.