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Nadine Morris
Name Nadine Morris
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Hobbies Love to read, play with dogs and cats, want to learn to knit, crochet, jewelry making
About Me I am a SPED teacher for over 10 years, worked with students with different challenges, love assisting them to be successful in life. Inspired by my parents, and sister who has been a SPED teacher for over 30+ years, I went back to school and acquired 3 credentials and Masters. It has been challenging with the pay cuts, yet love to teach. Lost our home like others a few years ago. Want to move back closer to work this next year, my older car is still going strong, yet wear and tear is crazy. My husband's job is almost 90 miles away. I am thankful for family and friends. I am thankful for people who help children and animals who can't speak for themselves at time. W
Nadine Morris
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613 days ago

Dear Ellen, I am a SPED teacher, LOVE your show and me and my teacher friends have been trying to get tickets for years. My sister is a survivor of breast cancer and she just lost her job after 18 years. I would like to go with her and my friends to your show. She needs to be cheered up, so do teachers who work so hard with the children to help them succeed in life. Happy Holidays, we have so much to be thankful for.