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Nadia Spetrini
Name Nadia Spetrini
Location Montreal, Qu├ębec
Age 48
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Hobbies dancing, reading, baking cheese cake
Nadia Spetrini
Bruno Mars, Ted Danson
481 days ago

Hi Ellen, My family is nuts abouy you and Bruno Mars. Both of you are on my bucket list. Why on a bucket list, you ask? I am 46 years old and lost 3 sisters to cancer within the last 10 years. They were all in their 40's and early 50's when they past away. I am starting to cross things off my list since I do not know if I should be next. I so wanted to be on your show when I turned 40 and sent you many e-mails to no avail. I hope to one day meet you and experience my dream. Bruno Mars, well I kept saying that I was going to see him in concert should he come to Montreal, but when the tickets went on sale, Evenko had a problem with thier network and I could not get on the site to purchase tickets. I am so sad.
Please help me achieve my dreams.

Love you.
Nadia Spetrini
Montreal, Canada