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Nadia Gonzalez
Are You Ellen's Biggest Fan in Australia?
545 days ago

Hello Ellen,

My name is Nadia, I am 16 and live in Adelaide, South Australia. I am your biggest fan in Australia! Each day I go to school and I just can't wait to come home and watch your show. The segments you do and games you play are hilarious as is your humour, the interviews you do are great and it really is an hour of fun.

Because of the time difference between Australia and America your show is broadcasted here a day late and often times when its been advertised as being a great show it is hard to make it through to the next day. I often find myself spending hours on youtube and your website watching episodes that were just so good that they had to be watched again (most episodes that is).

I was in L.A a little over a year ago and did a tour around the Warner Bros. lot and just wished that you would come and hijack our tour bus like i'd seen you had done before. That didn't happen but I was excited to pass your studio and get a picture of what I was led to believe as being your car.

Ellen I think your are an amazing and caring person. It is so touching to see you help out families in need, more people need to be like you.

I wish you a great time in the land down under and hope you will come again and include a visit to Adelaide next time. Have fun mate!! :D xox

from Nadia

p.s Just a few things to let you know so you fit right in when you get here. Aussies love backyard cricket, beers, barbeque's and the beach. Also we pronoucne Melbourne as Mel-ben. And our plural for you is 'youse' not 'y'all.'