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Hobbies Cheerleading, VolleyBall, Having Fun, Making people laugh, and helping people ♥
About Me I like tacos, Justin Bieber, and One Direction and that's pretty much it hahahahaha.
One Direction and Keira Knightley
615 days ago

Okay I do not have a clue to what I am doing right now. Hahaha.
Okay, I don't see any links to win those tickets at NYC for One Direction so I decieded to comment on this.
To begin with I can officially cross this off my bucket list. Writing on your wall Ellen that is an honor, or I should say its and honor to you that I wrote on you wall. Hahaha Kidding. Well I don't really have a sad story behind why I wanna go to the One Direction Concert. I mean yeah I don't have a lot of money but I am pleased with the amount I got so no reason to complain about that. Oh and I am 14 so you don't think I am some really weird 30 year old adult that is into One direction hahaha.
Well lets start getting to the point lol, I just really love One Direction. I am a Directioner. I mean I'm not one of those that stalk their every move, yeah lets just pretend I don't. Hahaha Just kidding. I love your show, and I have been waiting for you have to have One Direction on your show. I even missed school today to see you and One Direction, no actually I have food poisoning but same thing haha.
I have a personal liking for your family member Niall Hahahaha. He is so cute, I see where he gets his looks from. Oh goodness okay back to the point.I would love it if you'd pick me I love One Direction and I am a huge fan, I have been here since x-factor and its a once and a lifetime chance to meet your favorite boyband or your inspiration. Its okay if you don't pick me because I know there are people out there that probably deserve this more than me. I hoping though that for once luck is on my side and you pick me. This isn't the first I entered a contest but I'm feeling lucky ahaha. Well thank you so much Ellen you are my inspiration and are hilarious. If I don't win I at least hope you notice me. ~~~ Nadia xoxo ( nickname Narnia ahahah) I'm not sure if I posted this already ahahah so sorry if there is two!