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nadeth paylado jones
Name nadeth paylado jones
Location choudrant, louisiana
Age 30
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Hobbies love to clean my house everyday and love to take picture with my two girl's
About Me my name is nadeth paylado jones i'am 28yr old soon to be 29yr old in a few month i'am full time mother of two girl's ANNALINDSEY AND ANGELA,i'am married to my wonderfull husband BOBBY JONES,i was born from the philippines i been her in america for almost 9yrs and i haven't been back home to see my family in the philippines,both of my parent's never been met with my two doughter's and my husband in person,all i want this christmas and for my coming birthday is to go home to the philippines one day.
nadeth paylado jones
You Write, Ellen Responds!
596 days ago

hi ellen i love to be in your show but i dont know how to get there i love to bring my husband and my two dougther's with me to your show oneday if you let me pls.i love to be part of your show and i also love to be one of the winner in your 12 day's giveways that will i can give nice good christmas present for my husband and my two doughters,i'am from louisiana but i was born from the philippines i havent been home since 2004 i miss my family so very much i would like to go home oneday with my husband and my doughters my mother and father havent met my husband and my two doughters in person i would like for them to met each other in person and i wanna see both of my parents so bad and also my sister and my two brothers it will be 9years next year that i haven't home to see my family in the philippines all i want for this christmas is to be able to see my family next year in the philippines with my husband and two doughters i always pray to god that oneday this is will come true.we just cannot afford to buy the ticket for all of us i dont wanna go home without my family i wanna show them the life that i grow up with.ellen is not easy to be away from your loveone i give birth to of my doughter without my mom beside me and that is really hard for me but i know i have to be strong for them. i love them so much specaily my husband bobby his been helping me alot without him i dont know will i will be without him. his been really such a good husband and good father to my two doughters.ellen i'am stay home mother and full time wife i havent work since i was give birth to our first dougther anna now i just have our second baby angela we love them so very much ellen.we just hope that we can give them better life.and i'am so thankfull for my husband for his full support with me and for sending money to my family back home in the philippines even do we dont have enough of our own to pay our bills here i'am so thankful for him ellen i wanna give him a really nice christmas present but i cant afford to give him what he really want for christmas but i give him my heart with all my love coz i love him so much.thank you ellen and ellen team for reading this letter with your busy day god bless..

nadeth paylado jones
Khloe Kardashian, Damian Lewis
602 days ago

i'am such a biggest fan's of khloe and all the kardashian family,i love to met all of them in person i love there show very much and i love all there clothing's and more and more i just can't afford to buy there stuff i dont have a job i'am a full time wife and mother of two girl's,advance merry christmas to all the kardashian family god bless always,thank you ellen for having khloe kardashian odom to your show i love you so much and take care always god bless you and can't wait to see the show today..:)