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M's Nilgun Cook
Name M's Nilgun Cook
Joined 304 days ago
Hobbies Love Sports..Football and Basketball
About Me I live by myself. I have two Dogs (Min Pins)I don't drink.I work out,ride my bike. I love going to the Ravens Games but the tickets are to expense.I am a Ravens Fan!!!I just home with my two dogs and watch the games on TV.
M's Nilgun Cook
Nick Cannon Performs 'Me Sexy'
304 days ago

Hi,I love your show..Maybe One day I would love to be on your show but I am so busy I just don't have the time to do anything fo myself.I have been working on my house for 7-years,it is almost completed.I'm alway working or doing things for either folks.I need to find time for myself.MAYBE ONE DAY that will happen to me.I haven't had a vaction since my Mom passed away,we always did things together.It gets hard sometimes for me.My two(Dogs) Min.Pins girls keep me going.