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Ms. Dale Shubert
Name Ms. Dale Shubert
Location Wichita, Kansas
Age 51
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Hobbies Art, music, reading, therapy dog volunteerism, playing with my kids and pets
About Me Married mother of two tweens, artist, owner of Buddha Bellies Maternity Castings, professional pet sitter, certified CPR instructor and Childbirth Educator for local medical center, professional infant nanny, therapy dog owner/handler, HUGE P!NK fan!
Ms. Dale Shubert
Ellen's Playlist: October 15, 2013
260 days ago

My 13 year old daughter and I love P!NK so much but can't go to her concert in KC because we can't afford the tickets and it doesn't look like we will win tickets from the local station (B98FM--Wichita, Kansas). I sent P!NK an email but don't know if she will see it. I also sent her a funny video of me and the little boy (17months) that I nanny doing a sing/dance to "So What" by P!NK to give her a laugh. I'm sure we look ridiculous but it was fun to do. My daughter said she would love to speak to P!NK sometime and wondered what I thought she would be like....I told her "Real".....authentic. It would be such fun to see her get that opportunity. My daughter is bright, creative, and musically gifted and we talk about P!NK's lyrics to "Stupid Girls" a lot. Strong girls rock!

Your show is great fun and I love the kindness you show to people. Thanks for the creative entertainment.