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Monthra (Machelle) Clay
Name Monthra (Machelle) Clay
Location Fresno, TX
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Hobbies Cooking, Reading, Movies, Listen to: Jazz, Gospel. Most of all watch "Ellen"
About Me A mother of two daughters and two grandsons; who I LOVE very much. 2 1/2 yrs ago I had a stroke. I thank the good Lord; I have no physical deformaties, I had to learn to write (its ok), walk and speak again. My balance is off and my memory is not as sharp as before, I move a little slower. My daughters, son-in-law, grandsons are living with me now. I don't think Im as pretty as I was before. My daughters says, "I'M crazy. I'm still a pretty." :-) But in all I'm so THANKFUL I have God in my life, my daughters/grandchildren and I have "Ellen" who makes each of my days a blessing and joyful. And that I'm also a HAPPY person and always will. :-)
Monthra (Machelle) Clay
Christina Aguilera, Day 5 of 12 Days!
497 days ago

Ellen, I'm a fan and watch your show everyday and my daughters/gandsons watch your show when they can. You bring a smile to my/our faces each and every time. I feel you're such an AWESOME person and God is going to continually BLESS you and your team. I pray one day I can come to a taping of your show. I have my two daughters, son-in-law, my grandsons and Dino (our dog) living with me. Since my stroke, I stayed with my mom for alsmost a year and then I came to my home. It would be awesome if I was blessed with 12 days gift give-aways; so my children and grandchildren will be truly blessed with a great Christmas. I would also like to give some of these gifts to the different TV stations and groery stores here in Houston that are receiving gifts for chidren. I fill they will be blessed as well. :-)