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Monique Teagle
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About Me I was born on a cold winter day January 30, 1979 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to Catherine Teagle and Phillip Wilson. I am the youngest and only girl of six brothers. The day I was bought home from the hospital my oldest brother Omar Teagle took one look at me and vowed to be my protector. My brother who promised that he would protect me did just that. He protected me from getting hurt physically but not mentally or emotionally. Having six brothers I was not able to live my life as the average teenager. My mother a single parent who at a young age was forced to raise her younger siblings turned to a life of street gangs. My brothers followed my mother’s footsteps. They became entrapped in the neighborhood streets of crime, drugs, and murder, which caused me to experience triumph, pain and suffering at a young age. Despite living in a neighborhood plagued with crime my mother and brothers became successful achieving every goal that was attainable. I am not outspoken therefore, I found a passion for writing and that became an outlet for my soul cries. This gave me the freedom to express my inner most thoughts and feelings. My name is Monique Teagle and I was educated in the Philadelphia public school system. I began writing short plays during my elementary and junior high school years which were performed by my classmates. My plays displayed every aspect of my life experiences. Once I mastered short plays I began songwriting and poetry. My writing has also guided me to create two novels ‘A Sist’a Amongst Soldiers’ a ‘Perfect Nightmare’ and a book of poetry ‘Soul Cries of a Poet’. I have also mastered the art of writing my first screen play ‘Broadz Way’ that will one day become a major television series. Life to me means believing in God. Having a loving family and good friends is the greatest attribute any one can have. I believe in trust and loyalty amongst family and friends and most of all having unconditional love for one another. Life to me means remaining focused, fulfilling your dreams, staying committed and capturing life in all its abundance. In years to come, I plan to become a critically acclaimed author and screen writer. I would like to see my accomplishments become a stepping stone for up and coming authors. Through my writing I will also like to see individuals from different walks of life connect with my ability of self expression. I want readers and viewers alike to identify with my life experiences and appreciate the talent of a young black woman.
Monique Teagle
Mark Wahlberg, Josh Hopkins
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I love me some Mark Wahlberg, cant wait to see him on the show. I dream of one day working with him on one of screenplays!!! LOVE YOU ELLEN