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Name Monica
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Hobbies Softball, Board Games, TV gameshows
About Me I am a single parent of a 12 yr old girl, Mikayla. When i was thin(lol) played good softball game. I love watching t.v. game shows and winning board games ( yahtzee, scrabble, checkers....etc.)
Day 2 of 12 Days, and Gerard Butler!
596 days ago

Hello Ellen,
My name is Monica and let me just say you are hilarious. I love your personality and enjoy watching your show sooo much. So recently I went to visit my mom for the weekend and noticed my 12 yr. old daughter, Mikayla, watching your show. What the?! is Ellen doing on? She and my mom looked at me and said we always record her show and watch them when Mikayla goes over to her place. So the funny thing Mr. Wrong was on and she loved to watch loved in that movie.So after the movie Mikayla says, mommy I want tickets to the Ellen show from santa. Ellen please can you make her wish come true. I lost my job last year and in august my unemployment cut off. I am waiting for extension and dont know what to do for christmas. I did sign up for toys for tots and will be getting something on the 21st. but I don't even know how that whole thing works or will i only get one gift from them? The only income I get is from cleaning my aunts house and 300 dollars from welfare. That pays rent for the room I have at my sisters house and my car payment. Mikayla gets one gift from Santa, so I make her give me 3 things she really wants. Usually the most expensive thing. Her 3 choices were an ipod touch( i wish), Karaoke singing machine, and Ellen tickets to the show. Because every thing else is ridiculously expensive it would a blessing to actually take her to your show. If you could please please help me out and allow Mikayla to go to your show I would .... well I dont know. Probably cry. Happy Holidays!