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About Me I'm a 77 yo retired widowed woman who bore three children - one estranged, one deceased and one living with her family with me. I have eight grandchildren - two in WI, four in CA and two living with me in FL. I have four older female siblings living in PA - I drive north to see them 2-3 times/year. I'm very active in my church's ministries and love doing anything with family and friends.
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443 days ago

I can now understand those funny text messages Ellen shows. My daughter put me on her phone family plan and got me a new Samsung Galaxy Stellar cell phone (it was free, thank goodness! I'm 77 and it's driving me crazy, but I keep trying!). I tried "talking" the text message to her and what she read was definitely not what I meant to send. In fact, one word was "f******" (that's how it was written in the text!) - a word I don't use (if it was what I think it meant) and didn't even fit in to the context of what I was trying to tell her. Progress is not always what it is cracked up to be! I love your shows, Ellen. You are a sketch!