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Molly Gray
Name Molly Gray
Location West Swanzey , NH
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Hobbies quilting, watching Ellen when I can, gardening,watching Ellen when I can, hanging at the beach,watching Ellen when I can, recycling stuff into crafts, watching Ellen when I can,kayaking, watching Ellen when I can,swimming,watching Ellen when I can, biking, going to the gym, watching Ellen when I can, hanging with my family, cousin's night and quality time with my four forever friends. Oh I like to knit too.
About Me I am a mom, wishing I could be a grandmother but doubt that will ever happen. I'm married 33 years. I work as a case manager with kids with developmental, learning and emotional disabilities. I love my job cause I certainly do not do it for the money. I spend money on my job. I love the beach especially Wells Beach in Wells Maine. I love my daughter and son, I love my extended families and cousin's nights and my four best forever friends. Friends for some of us since toddlers, over 50 years. We are so blessed to have maintain a friendship that has lasted more than a half a century. My children and my friend's children and grandchildren are amazed we are still friends. We have been through a lot but nothing keeps us from our annual girls weekend twice a year. I love the Ellen show and watch it whenever I can. I REALLY love NCIS, Grey's Anatomy, Big Bang Theory, the Golden Girls, The Biggest Loser, (I got three teenager kids that I work with who I would like to see go to Then Biggest Loser), Dancing with the Stars. I love my cat Dorian and my dog Becca.