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Molly Gray
Name Molly Gray
Location West Swanzey , NH
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Hobbies quilting, watching Ellen when I can, gardening,watching Ellen when I can, hanging at the beach,watching Ellen when I can, recycling stuff into crafts, watching Ellen when I can,kayaking, watching Ellen when I can,swimming,watching Ellen when I can, biking, going to the gym, watching Ellen when I can, hanging with my family, cousin's night and quality time with my four forever friends. Oh I like to knit too.
About Me I am a mom, wishing I could be a grandmother but doubt that will ever happen. I'm married 33 years. I work as a case manager with kids with developmental, learning and emotional disabilities. I love my job cause I certainly do not do it for the money. I spend money on my job. I love the beach especially Wells Beach in Wells Maine. I love my daughter and son, I love my extended families and cousin's nights and my four best forever friends. Friends for some of us since toddlers, over 50 years. We are so blessed to have maintain a friendship that has lasted more than a half a century. My children and my friend's children and grandchildren are amazed we are still friends. We have been through a lot but nothing keeps us from our annual girls weekend twice a year. I love the Ellen show and watch it whenever I can. I REALLY love NCIS, Grey's Anatomy, Big Bang Theory, the Golden Girls, The Biggest Loser, (I got three teenager kids that I work with who I would like to see go to Then Biggest Loser), Dancing with the Stars. I love my cat Dorian and my dog Becca.
Molly Gray
Message from Ellen
455 days ago

I love any show you have with Sophia Grace and Rosie and actually any show you have children on. I wish I could see them all, but my work schedule does not allow it and I don't have that DVR or HDL or whatever it is call when you can record shows, not in my budget but it sounds to stressful to learn how to use it, I don't even know what's it called. It's like computers. I couldn't really explain what a hard drive is, if my life depended on it.. Still love your show when I get to watch it. You make my day better and I always walk away with a smile on my face, Thank you for my smile and the smiles, laughter and tears of joy you bring to everyone else...
Ask for warm fuzzy wishies and prayers for my friends
Sharon and Julie

Molly Gray
Jane Lynch, Kenny Chesney
462 days ago

Happy Earth Day Ellen and crew

I have celebrated and tried to live Earth Day every day since. the very first one way back when so we won't talk about how long ago that was. Emptied my compost in to my garden yesterday..

I love Rosie and Grace.

I too can't enter contest as I never know if my picture is uploaded, some people are more technology savvy than others