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Mohammed Mehdi
Name Mohammed Mehdi
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Hobbies Going out for long drives; Listning to music; Surfing net; Making new friends etc..etc
About Me I am ryt now working for a company into US recruiting which only deals in SAP technologies..and more about me? hmmmmmmm... I have always believed that only after everything external has been taken away is the left person the real me. Then what are left are simply my heart and my mind. I can't paint not given a brush, yet I have developed the talent to recognize true beauty. I could no longer play the piano without a keyboard, but I am still moved to tears when hearing a piece of melting work. I will not be considered pretty anymore when standing in front of a stone-age tribe, but I know I will receive their smiles because in my eyes that shine of kindness would never fade. Looking inward, I observe love and cares, grief and joy, queries and awakenings, interests and passion, dreams and wills. The love is given not just to family but also to mankind. The cares are both for the beloved and those in need. I regard pain the exact way I cherish mirth. I think and learn to discover truths as wide as the universe, as deep as people's souls. I strive for an understanding of the current world and intend to change it into an enhanced community. On this journey, I hope to befriend with people with the same aspiration. We might not enjoy the same type of music, but we can sit down and talk about what happened in the wolrd today. We might have different ethnic background, but we are happy to listen to each others' stories. As I am always the one that lifts the spirit of a team with my passion and optimism, I believe that these two characters will tie us together beyond interests and skin colors.
Mohammed Mehdi
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590 days ago

Hey Ellen
I still havent received my gift :)