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mitchell fry
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Hobbies love my animals (dog and cat) sports of all kinds (football)
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mitchell fry
NeNe Leakes Gets a Striptease!
546 days ago

just a little ditty for ellen's birthday:

ellen was born in '58
well worth the nine month wait

her parents were eliot and betty
bet they threw confetti

she has a big brother vance
who most assuredly saw her in her underpants

born in beautiful lousiana
she was destined to be a wonderful pollyana

as a kid she probably wore garanimals
which explains her love of animals

she married portia in 2008
as a couple aren't they great

both are devout vegan
wonder if they eat in oregon

she played a fish named dory
wasn't it a heartwarming story

she's hosted the oscars and emmy's
did she share a joke with steve buscemi?

as a judge on american idol
for simon she could have used a bridle

this year she turns fifty-five
isn't it great to just still be alive

on your sitcom you came out as gay
hope you have a fabulous birhtday