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Misty Petrus-Spann
Name Misty Petrus-Spann
Location Victorville, CA
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Hobbies Watching Ellen. Hate to miss it. You always bring a smile to my face
About Me I work for myself grooming animals and am a student "animal sciences". I live with my daughter and we have a horse, 5 dogs, and 2 cats. As you can see I am an animal lover and plan on getting a career working with them after I graduate.
Misty Petrus-Spann
What's in the Box? Hawaii!
60 days ago

You Rock Ellen. Your show makes my day

Misty Petrus-Spann
Win Day 12 of 12 Days!
86 days ago

I love your show and hate when I have to miss it. You have the best guests and you are totally amazing.
Keep up the good work.