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Miss Bobby Henderson
Name Miss Bobby Henderson
Location Edmonton, AB, Canada
Age 68
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Hobbies None anymore.
About Me Never married or had children by choice. Am huge animal lover. Presently for the first time in my life I have no pet. I have literally had pets since the day I was born. I am a very sad, ♿, senior. Worked for almost 40 years on children's ward of hospital. Saw some amazing and some very sad things. When I turned 65 my work pension screwed me and as a result I suffer the two most important things in my life. 1. No pet as I am not allowed nor can I afford one. 2. Not living in my comfort zone that I was in since I am 20 yrs. Never wanted a house but if I owned an apartment or condo then I have to have condo fees which are high. Whatever, I wish I had had the foresight to purchase and own now. I am on the total opposite side of the city from where I lived and where my family is. I have lived in this government facility since Jan. 7/12. I seldom leave my unit for various reasons. I just used up my tax refund to put a new motor in my scooter which is my only way to get around. My life no longer has a purpose. You though are so funny, generous and happy. You go girl! My sister just got a new kitten. It is a Snowshoe breed. Half this breed is Siamese. She was born on Valentine's Day. She is possibly the sweetest cat I have come across in all my years. The breed have some of the dog traits such as they follow you around all day or want to know where you are if out of sight plus they hate when they are left alone. Would like to have sent you some pictures of her but don't know how here. I live on my I-pad doing games. My sister bought me the I-pad. Also do some Facebook and twitter. Not real good at any of it. I ALREADY GET YOUR NEWSLETTER. ❤
Miss Bobby Henderson
Message from Ellen
87 days ago

Hi Ellen,
My Sunday was spent celebrating "Cousins Day". Now myself and my cousins are all seniors (now the old folks of the families). A lot of us are alone now so we created this day where we get together and celebrate ourselves and reminisce all the fab family who have already passed. We do this a couple times a year. It is great fun and is filled with love, laughter, hugs and catching up on each persons family.
All of us are not mothers so this is also our way of getting together to celebrate each other and many more. It is an idea that is really working for us. My sister is the amazing one who came up with the concept. There are few of us but the room is always loaded with good feelings.

Miss Bobby Henderson
Message from Ellen
101 days ago

❤️ you Ellen, you are an animal lover big time as am I. Sadly for the first time in my life, literally since birth, I cannot afford to have one.
Another reason I adore you is you are the only person who can make me laugh. Being just an average person I made the mistake of not purchasing a condo (don't need a house as I have always been alone). I pass this info on to as many young folks as possible because if you own your home out right then if, like me, you turn 65 and become labelled and I lost everything financially. If I had owned my place at least they (government) would not move me out so I could stay in my comfort zone and still have pets.
I have had a wish list from many years ago. I always wanted to meet you in person and sit and talk to you about your pets and your wonderful life. You are so funny, strong woman, big heart and generous to a fault. How inspiring to so many. But I cannot complete this wish because I live in Canada and am handicapped. So please don't ever retire as we all need your leadership and laughs to keep us going.
Thank you Ellen for what you do every day. You touch people all over the world. Should be proud of yourself Ellen.
questions: 1. Why is your mom not at the show anymore.
2. You don't talk about her as much either, why?
3. You don't show animal video's hardly at all, why?
That's enough from one old lady, right. So God Bless you and all your loved ones.

Miss Bobby Henderson

Miss Bobby Henderson
David Spade Tells Ellen About his Daughter
158 days ago

I've always enjoyed David Spade. He is very funny and I think he is more intelligent than he lets us see.
Ellen please show more animal videos. I love animals but my financial situation has put me in a negative stage in my life where for the first time since I was born, I do not have a pet. Please show more animals. I wish you would bring one of your pets. Do you ever take one of your dogs with you in the car?
Take care and know in amongst your millions of fans there is a sad Canadian woman who watches you every day. You manage to be the one who can make me laugh. God Bless.

Miss Bobby Henderson
Message from Ellen
186 days ago

Hello Ellen (senior lady from Canada), I know it is not possible but I would love to have come to your Birthday Party. Actually on my "Life Checklist" going to meet you and watch you in person has been very, very high on it. Is your birthday Jan. 30th? My birthday is on Ground Hog Day (Feb. 2nd). Are you an Aquarian as I am? How neat that would be for me.
We do have similarities such as I, since birth literally, have never had a day without a pet (for me, until I turned 65 and lost everything). We both love animals. One of my other possible same things only on no where near the level you do, but I like to do for others. Mostly (now that I am a senior & poor) I try to calm folks down and live in the moment. People are in too much of a rush. They end up missing out on heart stopping experiences. My career was working in hospital with sick children. Most rewarding and tough at times. I chose not to marry nor to have children. That doesn't mean I don't love kids. I just feel it takes an amazing person to raise a child. For example like my only sibling my sister. She had 3 boys and I have a fabulous relationship with them. I am very fortunate. Enough about me; Ellen I am handicapped (travel on a big scooter) and I am big and ugly. But I would love to go to your birthday show. I've never flown so I would be scarred but it would be worth it. Love you so much girl. Keep up what you are doing as you do such a great job. God loves you and Blesses you too.

Miss Bobby Henderson
Exclusive! Meryl Streep Discusses Her Trip to Africa
193 days ago

First Ellen I adore you. I am a Canadian senior lady who is handicapped and recently when I turned 65, I lost everything. Like you I am a huge animal lover. I am not funny though! I literally have not had a day since I was born, without a pet until now. Soul killing. I get "fur addiction" cause I have no pet so I go as often as possible to our Humane Society so I can be around all the sad cats and dogs. I spend my time holding and chatting with these scarred creatures. Only tough part is leaving without one (or ten).
Enough about me. I am really upset because Monday I am going to miss your show. I just love Meryl Streep. She is not only talented but she is always an amazing and funny interview. I wish you were having just her. But I have to miss it anyway. If you do happen to read my monologue could you say Hi to Ms Streep from Bobby in Canada. It won't mean anything to her but I just am thrilled she is on your show. Between the 2 of you it could be a fabulous show. Thank you Ellen.

Miss Bobby Henderson
Message from Ellen
250 days ago

Ellen, ❤️ you so much. I am a Canadian, single, handicapped senior lady and unfortunately because of all the above plus being poor as heck I am unable to request to be entered in your ticket draw for we newsletter folks. I must admit it would be a dream come true as I have been a fan since your first sitcom, that you lost due to the ignorance of so many. It was the times but hopefully with education, people like yourself coming out and talking about it, just shows it is not something strange. There are many individuals in every facet of life.
Being retired allows me to watch you every day. I enjoy the guests but I have to admit I love all the animal clips and videos you show. I am a huge animal lover; literally since the day I was born I have never had a day without a pet or pets - till now! When I turned 65 I lost everything. As a result I am too poor to live so had to go on government assistance and they put me in deplorable housing which they won't allow pets. While working if I had managed to purchase an apartment or condo so when I turned 65 I owned my own place, the government would have stood on their heads to keep me in my own home as apposed to them having to find housing. Plus it would mean I would not have to have left my area of my comfort zone and continue to have my pets. Those two things have aged me incredibly. You could hopefully understand how hard it us to have lost that freedom. I spent a ton of time at the Edmonton Humane Society because I go through "fur withdraw" painfully. Only thing is I am the one leaving alone.
I know you are more a cat person but love everything. I love it all. Growing up we always had 2 cats and in those days cats would just show up at your door. In my later years I have taken to dogs. My last one was a white, female, Chihuahua. I train all my own animals. Small breeds I use a slightly different training approach. But all dogs I train a "no bark" because I feel that dogs do a lot of unnecessary barking which can lead to abuse.
God Ellen I would give my life to meet you in person and talk critters with you and maybe see your pets. I love horses too but have no experience with them.
Hard to tell my life is limited to things now, cause all I talk about is animals. Would you ever consider having people come on, like your guest actors who want to with their pets? I love the videos. Remember the picture sent in to you of a sleeping Bloodhound with a young kitten sound asleep on its back tucked happily under the dogs ear? Love it.
Well Ellen enough I guess. I wish you continued success and love. Think of me (Bobby) once in a while as a huge fan that has never had the dream come true of meeting you. I love you and wish you and Portia a continued great life. God Bless.

Miss Bobby Henderson
Unit 156, 9420 - 92 Street Phone: (780)487-2251
Edmonton, Alberta
T6C 4M9

Miss Bobby Henderson
Message from Ellen
278 days ago

Ellen, you are such a young at heart and good sport, person. It is admirable as well as all the amazing things you do for others. Add to that your caring, bringing to awareness, etc. of the plight of animals.
Like you I absolutely love animals. For me I like cats and dogs equally. Only thing about cats that can be frustrating is they can get up anywhere and leave hair everywhere. Dogs I like because one can take them with you pretty much anywhere and I like that companionship.
I am a Canadian single senior lady who is handicapped and am as poor as one can get. I dream of somehow getting to your show and also to be able to have a conversation with you. Don't worry it will never happen.
Halloween is not my time of the year but I enjoy how you get off on it. You make me laugh. Nothing else does anymore. Love ya girl. Keep it up.

Miss Bobby Henderson
Message from Ellen
285 days ago

Ellen, hello from Canada and I am a ♿️Senior lady who is so fond of you. This is why I care for you:
- you are a huge animal lover.
- you are hilarious and quick.
- your heart must feel so good as you help so many.
- you are the only thing that can make me smile anymore.

I could go on and on but you would get tired. Ellen do you ever read Canadian letters?
Make my day please and answer me!!

If you go to the internet for cats my nephew has 3 but his boy named POOT is so mellow, sweet and funny. He is fat and does everything on his back and bottom. Usually looks like he has been on a binge as he falls on his bed with 4 limbs hanging down! But he doesn't drink. HA HA

Miss Bobby Henderson
Message from Ellen
312 days ago

This is not my first time commenting and I already get her newsletter. Ellen is such a diverse, funny, happy, animal loving lady that words are not enough. She totally makes my day. I am retired & handicapped so all I do is watch TV so I really, really look forward to Ellen as she makes me laugh and totally forget my problems for an hour.
She is a special lady in her private life too. She helps so many people and seems genuinely happy to do it. I live in Canada so I cannot get to be in her audience. They have a great time and go home with a gift often.
I wish her good health and a long life as I feel she is on this earth to do continued good deeds. God Bless you Ellen. I really do love you.

Miss Bobby Henderson
Message from Ellen
416 days ago

Ellen, what more or new is there to say about you? Everyone (with 1/2 a brain) has loved you and your ability to touch souls either with your incredible humor, or your complete openness & honesty, or your generosity that touches hearts far and wide. I have always felt the same way but go just a little bit further by feeling a connection with you about animals. You have the soul & heart of critters because you have that unconditional love for all, you make millions of people feel better and have a healthy giggle for themselves, and sometimes you make a sad soul feel fab with just a look or kind word.
You are a special woman Ellen, don't ever doubt it. I am one of those sad souls who is an old, poor, lonely, animal lover but cannot have. But you keep me alive by being who you are and I thank you and God for doing it for me. God Bless Ellen.

Miss Bobby Henderson
Message from Ellen
438 days ago

I am not sure what the blog is. May I wish Portia and Ellen a Happy Anniversary. It is wonderful to see Ellen so happy and content. Also Ellen you are an amazing, generous, talented hoot, and animal lover so you fit into my heart big time. I take few there so you should feel good. I too love animals more than my own life.
I am a senior, single lady who is handicapped and for the first time in my life, literally, I do not have finances or a pet or live in my comfort zone that I was in since I am 20 years old. I worked almost 40 years in a hospital with sick children, bless their little hearts. Some really suffered, frequently at the hands of those they trusted. One doesn't often get that trust back in their entire lifetime.
Ellen do you ever consider we that live in Canada when you are giving things away, etc.? I have written to you many times and have never had any form of response. I fell left out. The only Canadians I have seen win is if they are in your audience. I would love to be in your audience and even more would love to shake your hand and give you a hug. Is no way for me to get there as I have to travel on a scooter plus all it with airplane fare and hotel etc. I just don't have the money or a passport. What a nice dream it is though. Oh my god.
Ellen keep up the good work making us laugh and healing wounds of sadness for others. Also for being a representative for neglected, abused animals. They break my heart, eh! God Bless you and your lovely wife Portia. Hope you can respond.👼✌✨👋