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Name Mirjon
Location Bukhara, Uzbekistan
Age 21
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Hobbies reading books,chatting with my friends,fishing...
About Me Im Mirjon from Uzbekistan I just recently have been migrated into Sweden and im 21 years old i speak english fluently cos* i studied this language to apply for university of any english speaking country but bad luck it did not work, anyway, i do not give up. so, id like to express my feeling towards The Ellen Show that it is doing its job very well what particularly i like about this show is when poor,hopeless, desperate people get joy and inspiration. If it was up to me to describe or to entitle the name of the show i would say "Hope Bringing Show" thank you
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204 days ago

How an incredible job you are doing Ellen it is fantastic. im an admirer of the show you have i love the show good luck and please keep bringing joy into the lives of starving,suffering people as much as you can God bless you Sincerily Mirjon