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Name Mimi
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Hobbies Walking...yes..its a hobby... that way...I think I'm enjoying exercise... : )
About Me Married for 69 days after dating for 25 years (yes...another hobby...)Hmmm..let's see...currently home on medical leave after two surgeries... gotbuber hooked on Ellen during this time... and let's see...oh..will definitely DVR when I go back to work as a CS mgr next week. Yup..that's my story. Oh ya... I'm adopted and found my family last year and flew to CA to meet them this OCT.. well... my sisters anyway. That was huge... trying to find a way to bring all 4 of my sisters together. That would be cool. OK..that's it. Lol
Exclusive! Danny Dances in the Audience
222 days ago

Thank you for inviting Danny on your show and sharing his inspiring story. Those children are wonderful for standing up for him and embracing him for all that he is. Unfortunately we get judged for what we're not or for being delightfully unique. Love your show for reminding us everyday how many genuinely wonderful people and children there are in the world!! Bless you and Happy Holidays!!!