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Mike Parsons
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249 days ago

Hi Ellen,
You are always looking to help people who could use a hand and how a cause can be furthered.

My daughter and her wife Brenna are both 25 and have been together 10 years. They were high school sweethearts and were finally able to be legally married in California earlier this year. While my daughter was serving in the US Navy they were made aware of a young pregnant woman who was going to have an abortion. The girls were very active in a gay and lesbian church in San Diego at the time and convinced this young woman to go full term with the pregnancy and allow them to adopt (privately) the baby at birth, which they did….at the age of 21. I didn’t agree with the decision at the time but these were young adults able to make their own decisions. Nearly four years later, I couldn’t enjoy my grandson more or be prouder of the girls than I am every day since.

My daughter-in-law Brenna has a serious condition known as POTS. In a nutshell, blood does not reach the brain fast enough if she stands too quick or makes a sudden movement, resulting in her fainting. The poor girl has stitches, scars, bumps and bruises all over her body.
The problem with POTS is that it is not fully recognized in the medical community, much like Fibromyalgia was not recognized and mocked 10-15 years ago. There are medical specialists known for POTS but they are few and far between. Frequent trips to the emergency room often lead to the girls explaining this condition to the doctors and nurses. There is no known cure and the meds that can be prescribed often lead to other severe problems.

As her POTS progresses, it has lead to early stage Fibromyalga, deterioration of her hearing (hearing aid required), permanent heart damage, on and off loss of driving priviliges and possible permanent disability at age 25.

In addition to the health problems, the girls suffer through homophobic discrimination, hatred and vandalism that has already forced them to move once from their N. Cal home. They are fortunate to have my amazing wife as their support rock, therapist, guidance counselor and friend.

Throughout all this, Brenna is an amazing mother, wife, sister (her younger sister also lives with them) and member of the community. Both my daughter and Brenna go to school, rescue pets and have recently became licensed to become foster parents.

If anyone can raise awareness to POTS it is you Ellen. My wife and I are long-time daily viewers and have learned so much from you over the years. The causes you pursue raise a nearly immediate impact on your millions of viewers and multiple social media followers, of which we are part of. The fact that you have Classic Joke Wednesday is an added bonus!!!

Thank You for anything you can do!!

Mike Parsons
702-326-7219 (mobile)