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Mike Carrabine
Name Mike Carrabine
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Hobbies Suffering from depression, used to love my Harley, but had to sell it, Grandchildren # one in my life.
About Me I am living in a hotel due to poverty, lost my house and all of my personal property or gave it away, trying to help my daughter like I use to, but don't have the money anymore. She sometimes works twenty ours straight and has three kids to raise, plus seven cats, two dogs and many fish in her small back yard, and yea an iguana. I use my daughter's address because we can't get mail here at the hotel. Now the hotel is doubling it's rates almost, from $575 a month to $1000. I can not afford that. Help!? I have a multimillion dollar per year idea, inspired by you show on silly clips and more but no one to help fund it and help me with it.
Mike Carrabine
Classic Joke Wednesday -- Live!
303 days ago

So, a cheeseburger walks into a bar, orders a beer, and the barkeep says " Sorry, we don't serve food.