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Michelle Price
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About Me I have a 21 and 4yr old and I am a grandmother, all girls! I had my 1st daughter, Holly, then when she was 17 I finally had my second daughter,Mackenzie..with many pregnancies in between, many losses but have the most amazing daughters and it was all worth it. Now Holly has a baby, Nevaeh and she is 10 mths old. My parents are living in an apartment we are building for them in our basement. I love my family and I have the most amazing husband anyone can ever ask for and I appreciate him every minute of every day. Very blessed.
Michelle Price
Day 3 of 12 Days, Jake Gyllenhaal
226 days ago

Love everything about your show. I pvr it everyday and watch every episode. It makes me smile, cry everything. I enjoy the giving stuff the most! My heart leaps when you do the nice stuff which is always. I dance around with my 4 year old when you do the 12 days dance, no matter who is watching with us. I always say to my family I want to be a mascot on Ellen because it makes me happy to see it!! My family loves you, and my 4 year old always will say "oh ellen, you are so funny, or whats ellen up to now" and so much more when we watch you. love you Ellen - you are amazing.