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The thing that I would want most in life is to take care of my mom and dad. I am 44 yrs old (yikes) and my parents are a young 70 & 71. My mom works for JC Penney and part time/temporary for me doing administrative work. I wish I could say she works because she wants to but unfortunately, she HAS to. The still owe money on their house and have 2 older vehicles (a van and a pickup truck) that seem to want more and more work done each year. She loves her job at JCP but I wish she could relax a bit more. They both made many sacrifices for me and my brother as we grew up and unfortunately, after losing jobs that moved out of state did not change our lifestyle for us. We continued to go to private school even at the expense of their retirement accounts. I love them so much and, if I had the opportunity, would make their lives as financially comfortable as possible. They deserve it. I try to do as much for them as I can but I would do more so they can enjoy the "golden years". I LOVE your show Ellen and YOU inspire me to be a better person. Your acts of kindness and your profound closing words everyday "be kind to one another". Life would be so much better if more people actually lived by that one rule. Thank you for all you do!