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Dear Ellen
I know you get so many emails and letters, but I know how much you love animals and I just feel on this one, my Sister needs something really good to happen in her life, something positive and I need your help. When she married her husband he was so handsome, a Marine, I had a huge crush on him. They were perfect together, sad to say he ended up having a heart attack on a hiking trip together and he died. My sister was so devastated, he was the love of her life. That is not the reason I am writing to you, she found a way to heal that pain. She had a Saint Bernard when we were kids, his name was Hannibal and she feels that he is still with her. My Mom as per usual because he wrapped her around a tree, she got rid of him. well that broke Stephanie's heart. My sister has made it her life mission to go and rescue these beautiful animals, she has fell in love with them and has been broken hearted everytime one dies, which one did die of a heart attack in front of her condo at 5:30 in the morning and she was alone with no one to help, and the poor baby died. She is still on the mission to make sure the older ones have a good home. She knows her heart will be broken again, but she will still keep going. I think she would be a great person to show awareness on how adoption could be for a older favorite breed, she will not adopt a young one, she will go for the older ones that no one wants. Anyway, I just wanted to share this with you. I am very proud of my sister and I wish everyone that wants a dog would be more like her. Love you Ellen.