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Michelle  Nguyen
Name Michelle Nguyen
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Hobbies Watch the Ellen show after school Listen to The Wanted, Selena Gomez, and Ariana Grande Laugh fill Ellen on her show Secretly dance in my bedroom every time before Ellen starts her show.
About Me I live in New York. I have big dreams and hope and do my best that they will come true. I am also a Cancer Survivor.
Michelle  Nguyen
Kaley Cuoco, The Wanted
258 days ago

Hi Ellen,
I can't wait to see The Wanted on your show, it's literally gonna be on in about 10 minutes. Ellen and The Wanted in one place. Ahh I'm gonna faint. I know you usually want 18 year old or older to enter your contest and send you letters, but i really want this. Can you please help me to meet The Wanted. They're so great and awesome. I also thank you for giving them their first TV appearance.