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Name michelle
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Hobbies dog training&showing,love&joy,Reiki healing,photography,pencil, pen&ink sketch,scupting:D anything joyful!
About Me There is a lot about me, much depth; but what is going on with me right now is recovery from a bad car accident, the other driver was texting and came in my lane hitting me head on and smashing my car into a tree. Three compound fractures in my arm and wrist, a head trauma and severe foot injury breaking and shattering every bone in my foot (not exaggerating, tearing every tendon and ligament; finally after 2.5 years and a six month job search I found a part time job, something I can do in spite of my injuries. I was a barber for 30+ years, a career I absolutely loved (Big difference between a barber and cosmetologist or"hairdresser"..) I can't stand for more than an hour, and my right arm is so messed up I can't bend it in certain positions to complete a haircut. I hope that text was worth it.. I lost way a lot because of a stupid text! and so did my son. But I am alive and that is the HUGE DEAL and I am SOO grateful for life and joy everyday! I am looking sooo forward to yet another surgery - this will by my third; and I battle pain every single day of my life. Her passenger walked away with sprained ankle and the driver wasn't hurt at all.. as bad as a drunk driver, they take out the fatalities, and walk away clean. Don't people know they are driving a 3000 pound killing maching? Honestly folks, put your damn phone down!