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Name michelle
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Hobbies dog training&showing,love&joy,Reiki healing,photography,pencil, pen&ink sketch,scupting:D anything joyful!
About Me There is a lot about me, much depth; but what is going on with me right now is recovery from a bad car accident, the other driver was texting and came in my lane hitting me head on and smashing my car into a tree. Three compound fractures in my arm and wrist, a head trauma and severe foot injury breaking and shattering every bone in my foot (not exaggerating, tearing every tendon and ligament; finally after 2.5 years and a six month job search I found a part time job, something I can do in spite of my injuries. I was a barber for 30+ years, a career I absolutely loved (Big difference between a barber and cosmetologist or"hairdresser"..) I can't stand for more than an hour, and my right arm is so messed up I can't bend it in certain positions to complete a haircut. I hope that text was worth it.. I lost way a lot because of a stupid text! and so did my son. But I am alive and that is the HUGE DEAL and I am SOO grateful for life and joy everyday! I am looking sooo forward to yet another surgery - this will by my third; and I battle pain every single day of my life. Her passenger walked away with sprained ankle and the driver wasn't hurt at all.. as bad as a drunk driver, they take out the fatalities, and walk away clean. Don't people know they are driving a 3000 pound killing maching? Honestly folks, put your damn phone down!
Checking in with an Old Friend
417 days ago

This gal was the only one I didn't like and Ellen called her up again to give her more things. I know it's hard to go through these times.. But Ellen gave her a car, a gas card and some money. The first thing she said was "good thigs happen when you call" so she was expecting something from ellen right off the bat. That's not what I such a problem with - she got the car, spent all that money - only had 100$ left, and then used her gas station shell card to buy her and her family groceries and everything else. I thought she bought or was supposed to buy groceries with the money she already got.. I mean that is more money then anyone will every see in their lifetime, and did you SEE HER HOME?? That is a pretty nice home, whether you rent or own.. that's a pretty fancy home.. Nonetheless, didn't ANYONE get the vibe that this woman/family just can't handle money?? Then Ellen calls her up and gives her MORE MONEY from shutterfly.. I love Ellen, I really do, and everytime she does this, I cry for the volunteers and heroes that she passes this money on to.. single mom, struggling families.. But really outside of going through a really hard time - what did this woman DO? Did you get her expression when Ellen gave her yet more money - a sympathetic... "aaaawwwww..." and that was it.. OH come on - I would be histerically crying from my gut with extreme gratitude, and blessed grace I wouldn't be able to speak. I honestly hope, I don't see this woman again on the show - sorry "julie" fans.. I think ellen was conned.