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Micheline Barette
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About Me I could not indicate my right birthdate.. It would seem people over 65... cannot register. My real date is January 18, 1946.. calendar went to 1947... sorry. I retired in 2011... I lovvvve it... it gives me time to catch up with all I've been missing.... specially being there for my husband until he retires in December...
Micheline Barette
Ellen's Topless Pool Service
639 days ago

I watch your show 'religiously'... You are not only beautiful outside.. you are on the inside.. Just wanted to say 'congratulations' for the Mark Twain prize.. was just reading my CBC Feeds... and it caught my eye.... and although I never write anywhere... I thought this was worth it.... We are so blessed to have you around.. Im a canadian.. and you would be amazed at how many of us watch you every day... Hope you have another 10 seasons!!! People need you in their lives!

Micheline (from the province of Quebec.... Canada)