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Michele Saathoff
Name Michele Saathoff
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Hobbies Salt water fishing, hunting, recycled art, research on schizophrenia.
Michele Saathoff
Vote for Your Favorite Moment from Season 8!
450 days ago

I am always telling all my friends about how much I love Ellen! One of my friends, Esther, told me about a stand up segment that Ellen had done,about a conversation with God. Esther is pretty funny herself, but as she told me about this conversation, I could not stop laughing! I would love to see this clip on the Ellen show. Esther is really funny, so I just cannot stand it! I have to see Ellen's segment. Can you help me?

Michele Saathoff
Jessica Biel, and the 1st Day of 12 Days!
599 days ago

Loved the spoof on Taylor Swift. That girl has talent and who ever put that together.